The company

Mission e vision

Our mission is to give agriculture the naturalness and profitability it needs.

Using aquaponics technology and creating an organic ecosystem in symbiosis between fish and plants, we obtain the most profitable existing agriculture. The Acquaponica cultivation technique is recognized by the European Commission as the future of community horticulture.

With our business model, we improve the improvable, reducing costs, which today are represented for well over 70% by resale and logistics, creating the interaction between the farmer and the customer A direct and technological relationship between producer and consumer through the possibility of choosing (food sovereignty) from a biodiversity catalog, what to be grown (agriculture on request).

We are looking for farmers who want to change, improve themselves by innovating in a natural way using the organic ecosystem to meet the demand from the market, with an on-demand cultivation plan of the existing biodiversity.
We continue our mission by giving farmers the opportunity to grow in urban farms, recovering disused industrial buildings, on roofs or in greenhouses.

Our recipients

1) Consumers increasingly attentive to the quality of food in terms of taste and well-being and its continuous availability in a short time and with low environmental impact;

2) Owners / managers of abandoned or underused real estate assets and entrepreneurs looking for new income opportunities through the production and sale of fruit and vegetables, fish and / or floriculture.

Skills and background

ImpattoZero stems from the desire to perpetuate the mission undertaken with "MondoMigliore", a brand dedicated to sustainability, through the production of energy from renewable sources, the desire to improve the improvement.

In the past years we have supported the choice of renewable sources and now we continue adding the know how of energy efficiency to agriculture through aquaponics technology.

Starting from previous business experiences, through technical knowledge and system integration, it was decided to give life to the Agriculture 2.0 project, creating a large staff of experts who give life to the company.

We share the desire to do well and create a reality that improves the relationship between man and the environment, reducing its impact and its ecological footprint (carbon foot print). The will, to make food accessible to all without contamination, to not transport it with petrol engines, to increase the use of biodiversity in agriculture, to give a fair compensation to producers and a fair price to consumers.

The Alimenta2Talent 2014 competition gave us the opportunity to outline a complex project, more detailed than what we thought we wanted and could do at the beginning.

Competenze e background Acquaponica

Davide Balbi
Founder & General Director

Project Manager in TIM (una world wide 100), Senior Consultant in Siebel (Nasdaq 500-fast growing company) has worked with Centrosolar and Energiebau in the renewables sector.


     Junior Project Manager     
     +39 3920510698


     Civil engineer

     Electrical engineer

     Responsible for installation of plants

     Site manager

     Aquaponic economist


     Doctor in Marine Environmental Sciences