Il Team

Jlenia Fortuna

He has twenty years experience in business administration. He lived all the phases of the birth of MondoMigliore and of the connected companies. He manages the administration, pre and post sales of Fortuna Rinnovabili Srl. He is responsible for co-managing the company. Ilenia and Davide's goal is to transform the lead generation into customer satisfaction, making the company grow in a healthy and prosperous way.

Sara Iacobelli

It follows all the phases of the project, from the suppliers search, to the budgeting of the budget, from the preliminary project to the final one.

Silvia Magna

Master's degree, expert in communication, photography, cultural activities is project manager and editor who brings a cultural vision to activity and communication.

Filippo Mallozzi

Master's Degree in Environmental Civil Engineering. Hydraulic designer for the Acquaponica plants, he has already worked and gained experience in building sites and building design.

Renzo Armellin

Graduated in Engineering, he is responsible for the electric photovoltaic design of the hybrid plants that allow the sun to feed the Acquaponica plants or the greenhouses, with or without the manager of the national electricity grid.

Attilio Poli

It is responsible for the installation of electrical and photovoltaic systems. Attilio, has a great experience on medium and low voltage systems, up to the direct current systems that are powered by solar energy.

Geom. Giovanni Compagnone

Geom. Designer. Giovanni is a formidable structural construction designer, qualified to interface with the authorities for the approval of municipal, regional practices that require structural calculations or releases due to environmental, hydrogeological or other constraints.

Jacopo Fresta

Graduated in Environmental Economics, participated in the COST project funded by the European Union: "EU Aquaponics Hub, Realizing sustainable integrated fish and vegetables production for the EU".

Sergio Giannitelli

Agronomist, quality expert and supply chain certification.

Field Operations

Assistance in the design and development of the production plant for the part dedicated to habitat and biological systems.Planning, monitoring and control of energy flows, environmental microclimatic variables, equilibrium of the chemical-physical parameters of water, biogeochemical cycles and trophic levels, necessary and responsive to the specific physiology of organisms raised and cultivated. Scientific and management assistance addressed to the client, for the environmental variables from the ecosystem performance levels. Training breeding methodologies for a correct management of the production system.

Fabrizio Trigila

Padano Technology Park
company headquarters. We collaborate on genomic analyzes of bacterial populations. The close collaboration born of business incubation continues to provide customers with aquaponics.


Definition of fish species to be bred on individual projects, search for geo-referenced suppliers on customer projects, assistance on the search of sales channels, density calculation based on species growth and periodic shift in and out of the plant. Definition of protocols to be adopted on the basis of individual projects, training and supervision of the plant.