Nutrient Film Technique

The Nutrient Film Technique is a cultivation technique that uses horizontal PVC pipes, in each of which passes a film of water rich in nutrients. One of the advantages of using this technique is its low evaporation, in fact the water is completely shielded from the sun.

In the tube holes are made, in which the plants will be placed. As soon as they receive the flow of nutrients, they begin to develop the root system inside the pipe, at the same time the stems and leaves start to grow all around.

The NFT does not use inerts, so the water that passes through the pipes must necessarily be treated beforehand, therefore it is necessary to use a mechanical separator and a biofilter.

The maximum flow rate inside each pipe must always be checked and should never exceed 1-2 liters / minute.

In this project will be used n ° 6 channels φ110, each of which will have a length of 5.00 meters and a slope of about 1 cm / mI holes inside each pipe have a diameter of about 8 cm and an interaxis equal to 50 cm. The distance between two pipes will be 1.0 m in order to allow the passage of a person.

The NFT channels / pipes will be raised from the ground with adjustable structures, in order to create a natural waterfall for the collection of waste water and the natural recirculation up to the collection tank, equipped with submersible pump.