Acquaponica Vertical Cultivation

The vertical cultivation increases the convenience of the plant cost on the available space, optimizing the human labor cost. It is possible to use vertical cultivation to season or seasonally vary the production of plant plants (light conditions and controlled environment).

How much does vertical aquaponic cultivation produce?

- Lettuce: 95 kg / m2 every year
- Chard: 75 kg / m2 every year
- Strawberries: 4.9Kg / m2 every month (Seascape)
- Basil: 1.88 kg / m2 per week Vs 0.15 kg / m2 of cultivation on the ground!

ZipGrow is a patented vertical hydroponic technology, designed for a high density of agricultural production. The growth towers ensure maximization of plant production, which is even 4 times more intense than traditional techniques. The vertical towers consist of a rigid enclosure that contains the multifunctional Matrix Media. It is a growing substrate, as well as a mechanical and biological filter.The matrix inside each tower is an essential component of the system, their surface is much larger than any other inert, this allows a greater nitrifying and filtering power, which is the basis of high-density production. The length of these matrices is 1.50 meters making it very easy to install and maintain, it is composed of 93% of air, allowing the water to move freely inside.

The thrust of the water dissolves oxygen inside it, thus eliminating the formation of anaerobic zones, which are harmful to an aquaponic cultivation plant because they tend to kill the roots of the plants, causing malodorous compounds such as hydrogen sulphite and are home to some pathogenic organisms. Open spaces and good percolation, on the contrary, allow a more stable temperature in the roots, which is the basis of plant health.

Why choose vertical cultivation?

Current agricultural practices are unsustainable:

- Water is treated as an infinite resource;
- Our agricultural efforts absorb resources such as water and land and use pesticides clearly;
- Between 38 and 50% of the collected products are lost to deterioration.

This is a problem that is worth solving and we know how to do it.

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